Many people fear, even a little, nursing homes, as this is where many older people go to spend the last years of their lives. These places, although they are benevolent places, are subject to multiple prejudices created by popular culture, and although in some geriatric homes there have been unpleasant events, these are isolated cases, and should not be grounds for stigmatizing these places .

The geriatric homes arise practically with the modern state, in the beginning, these places were administered by religious orders such as abbeys, convents, and others. This in order to receive needy elderly people without family or home.

However, with the advent of church-state separation, geriatric homes came to be managed by the public health system and, in some cases, by non-governmental organizations dedicated to protecting the elderly.

Popular culture, however, has coined myths about nursing homes. However, in this article we will mention the best known ones and we will deny them.


Myth: In geriatric homes, medical care is not provided and the elderly are allowed to die

This myth is based on the fear generated by the possibility that a loved one will die, because when they are sent to a geriatric home, they have the fear that may die.

However, the reality could not be more disparate, since letting the elderly die goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which is why the geriatric home is obliged to provide medical assistance to residents.

In Mexico, for example, this medical assistance covers various procedures, from surgeries to even dental procedures. In Baja California Norte, some geriatric homes cover procedures such as the Root canal in Tijuana, because good dental services are offered there. Retire In Baja California is renowned for its efficiency and humane treatment to be given to the elderly.

Myth: In geriatric homes they are places where they leave you and you will never see your family again

The origin of this myth is in some cases where children who are resentful towards their parents or grandparents leave them in geriatric homes so as not to return to them. never see again.

However, this is not always the case, as this terrible situation has happened very few times, but it became known through popular culture. In reality, the vast majority of the elderly who end up in nursing homes are due to the fact that their families do not have the resources to support them or because they require special care that they cannot provide due to certain circumstances.

In addition, in the vast majority of geriatric homes, family members are allowed to constantly visit their loved ones, both in person and through calls.

Myth: Nursing homes are dreary and sad

This myth is derived from the one that implies that nursing homes are for abandoned elderly relatives. However, the staff of nursing homes must, by law, be kind people to residents, and they must keep the place in optimal condition so that those who reside there feel comfortable.

Many of the geriatric homes now have nice, decorated rooms, huge gardens, and are places where older people find love and many new friends.

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