The situation we are going through in Mexico has caused many business people, both national and foreign, to have uncertainty about the country’s financial position, especially when the regulations proposed by the authorities forced them to close their facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

And although this election was a reason to take care of people’s health, the truth is that the economy of different places was stagnant due to the lack of income. So many companies looked for the opportunity to continue making money. An action that was reflected in large companies and small businesses and from all possible areas; both those that focused on selling food and those that provide zirconia crowns Tijuana or fillers Tijuana services.

Speaking of closure and the companies’ economy, the closure of work activities within the facilities caused significant money losses. Although several companies have already opened in many cities in Mexico, the fear of the population has generated that few people attend the businesses, so many opted for the use of digital platforms to generate income, retain and avoid the bankruptcy of the company.

The change that many of these companies made is focused on offering their services or products through different digital platforms; for example, many stores contracted shipping services to supply their customers. As for health centers, many opted to schedule those patients who present significant problems. Schools in Mexico decided to close their facilities and opt for virtual classes. 

On the other hand, companies chose these methods because they do not want to expose their workers to contagion, especially since many people are currently asymptomatic, so you would not know if you were infected. Similarly, since business facilities are an enclosed space where many people may be present, there is a greater likelihood of massive contagion.  That is why companies should choose:

Technological tools- Since the beginning of the pandemic, many entrepreneurs took advantage of their digital tools to continue offering their services without leaving their homes, allowing professionals to continue generating money. At the same time, people obtain the products or services that the company provides. This strategy will be more beneficial because no one will be exposed to the virus. Still, it is usually more comfortable for customers, as there will be no need to leave their homes. 

Home Services- Another alternative used by different companies is to opt for home lessons or other style services, where activities can be much more personalized and greater certainty of payment. In case this method is chosen, both the client and the professional must follow the security protocols to avoid possible infections. If possible, it is better to carry out the activities in a large, open place in the open air to maintain the necessary distance.

Although today the economy is already opening in many places in Mexico, entrepreneurs must verify how feasible it is to reopen their doors. If they do, they should implement a rigorous method to avoid many people being inside the establishment. This should always follow the protocols established by the authorities.

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