Any type of physical modification that people decide to make to feel comfortable, safe and slim is a personal decision and of course a decision that will always be positive, especially if these types of procedures are performed under the support of professionals in the aesthetic medicine. Hence, it is essential to obtain information about the places and specialists where the quality of service is guaranteed. 

We tell you why a plastic surgery Tijuana is the best option.

Why choose to perform plastic surgery in Tijuana

This border city has become one of the places with the highest traffic of travelers seeking cosmetic surgery, becoming one of the most popular cities for medical tourism, receiving millions of patients in 2018, as well as his companions. 

The increase in this rate of visits for plastic surgeries in Tijuana, which continues to grow, is due to patient satisfaction with the quality of the processes and the professionalism of the specialists in the area. Its geographic location allows it to receive patients from regions such as California, Arizona and even Canada, since the border of this city, in the San Diego area, is one of the busiest in the country of Mexico, even the busiest border in the world.

There are many reasons why foreigners decide to visit this place for various medical procedures. 

One of these reasons is comfort: with the rise of medical tourism, the local economy was activated with the provision of hundreds of services for the patient’s companions, so you can enjoy a wide range of hotels near the clinics and hospitals, as well as a gastronomic and leisure offer, so that tourists have everything at hand and with the human quality that meets the expectations of visitors.

Another important reason is the affordable prices: the price contrast between this city and other regions of the United States can reach an 80% difference, which implies a great motivation for patients, without the low price affecting the quality of service On the contrary, all specialized clinics and hospitals in general have certified personnel with extensive experience in the sector.

Finally, the infrastructure is another compelling reason to choose this city for any medical service that is required. These buildings have advanced technology to attend to any type of medical situation.

Assisted living Mexico

Another of the most sought-after personal benefit services in Tijuana are those related to assisted living in Mexico. Through public and private residences that host people who need help to cope with their daily lives. These residential institutions have spaces set to generate a very close and homely environment with these people. In addition, they have important support from the staff to ensure a welcoming and satisfactory environment for the resident.

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