Nunwood is a company specialized in conducting studies about the experience of customers worldwide, and has conducted a study in Mexico to identify the best practices at the national level with respect to customer experience.

These experiences are based on the evaluation of four main points:

The loyalty or trust that a regular customer provides when using a product.

The NPS is an index that measures the recommendation of a client towards a specific brand, either for its good products or services. 

The value vs price is one of the main points, since it is the perception of the client in terms of the benefits and experience in relation to the disbursement of money made for the payment of a product or service.

And finally, the channels, which are the levels of integration in which the company allows the customer to interact with the brand.

According to the evaluations made of these elements, Mexico has some leading sectors in the region, which provide a good amount of the country’s income year after year, do you want to know them?

Self-service stores

This is one of the Industries with the highest loyalty index in Mexico, obtaining a total score of 8.5 in the evaluation, showing that in general customers tend to always buy in the same self-service chains, including online and presidential purchases .

Basically this happens due to the terms of convenience with respect to price and location, which help to retain users even for generations.

Hotels and tourism

The highest scores in this sector were the channels and the NPS, as many people around the world recommend Mexico as a tourist destination both for the attention to users and for the beautiful landscapes and ecotourism activities that have been increasing in recent years.

Both at a historical and cultural and recreational level, a level of 8.3 was obtained in the evaluation, placing it as one of the leading countries in this sector.

Dental Services

The number of people who travel to Mexico to receive dental services is incredible, both for the professionals who work quickly and effectively, as well as for the clinic facilities and post-treatment services.

Dental implants Tijuana are among the amenities most sought because they are cheaper, plus made quickly and excellent results, numeral vs value money is one of the most important in this sector, so it really is well qualified.

Mexican auto insurance

By country regulations, if you are going to drive your own car you must purchase Mexican auto insurance as they are the only valid ones because in previous opportunities the North American auto insurance companies did not respond for the accidents that occurred, or they were extremely time consuming to do so, since they required a large amount of documentation to be filled out to be effective. 

Mexican auto insurance is achieved quickly. You can even buy it online, a few days before your trip, so that when you cross the border, you will be ready for the checks that the authorities do often. 

Mexico is a country with excellent services. Visit it and enjoy it in its entirety. 

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