Located in Central America and loved for its culture, ancient ruins and elegant shops with a wide variety of options for visitors, Mexico stands out as one of the most visited places by tourists from all over the world. world, who go there in search of rest on its beautiful beaches, to know its traditions and of course, to get some things at a cheaper price.

If you are going to go to Mexico on your next vacation we have good news for you: there are many things that you can get cheaper than in your country of origin. You will surely love them!

Inexpensive gifts to take as souvenirs

Small candy skulls, Aztec masks, handmade keychains, hats, hand-embroidered huipil, clothing and even wrestling player masks, are part of the cheapest and most popular souvenirs that you can get in this beautiful country. .

Tequila and Mezcal, the flavor of Mexico

Known for their particular flavor and of course for their high amount of alcohol, they are perhaps one of the drinks that is directly identified with this culture, and that is usually taken to the tune of the typical mariachi with their renowned music worldwide.  

For an economic price you can enjoy these two typical Mexican drinks, and, in addition, know the entire process of their production through specialized tours, which include tastings, you cannot miss it!

Chocolate, original from the Aztec country. 

Known as the drink of the gods, chocolate is very enjoyed in Mexico, not only because it is its country of origin, but because Mexicans know how to make the strangest combinations that are a pleasure to the palate.

You can buy it as a drink with cinnamon and rice milk, pure and without sweet as the Aztecs took it, in cookies, cakes and breads or in artisan bars with designs typical of Mexican culture, mixed with flavors as strange as mint or hot chili. You really cannot miss the opportunity to taste the true flavor of this original food that is exported to the old continent by tons. 

Cheap and practical accommodation. 

In Mexico you can get accommodation in hotels of one, two and three stars, at really surprising prices. For example, Todos Santos hotel, which has beautiful rooms, a swimming pool and also a continental breakfast included for some plans to rest deliciously!

Dental implants in Tijuana

If there is something cheap compared to other cities in the world, it is dental implants in Tijuana, which in addition to being performed by professional experts in the area, have personalized post-procedure care.

There, dentists are not only concerned with performing treatments conscientiously but also with monitoring each patient, at least during the first two months to verify that excellent results are obtained.

Vividly colored ceramics

In Mexico there are many ancient techniques for painting ceramics, turning them into an article, handmade and unique that surely some of your friends will enjoy as a work of art, if you take them as a souvenir of your visit to one of the most friendly and touristically important countries in Latin America.


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